Tarot Class

This is a three part class, divided into: Beginning Tarot (10 weeks), Intermediate Tarot (10 weeks) and Advanced (6 weeks).

Tarot Cards

It is an intensive class and is designed for students (with no experience) who wish to become professional tarot readers, as well as those who wish to polish their already acquired skills.

Students are provided with a class booklet. These classes require consistent attendance and some written homework.

Beginning Tarot

In the Beginning Level Class you will be taught how to learn the Tarot, by investigating the nature, meaning and interpretation of symbolism. Specifically, the symbolism which is featured on the Tarot Cards. We will focus largely on the 22 Major Arcana, their symbolism and their respective meanings. This is a hands on class, in which students are learning through participation.

Intermediate Tarot

At the Intermediate level, our focus will shift to studying the symbolism of the 56 Minor Arcana. In this class we will also place a heavy focus on communication skills, which are critical to performing a successful reading. We will also explore related topics which can provide a depth of understanding through association, such as: astrology and numerology. Additionally, we will take our studies to a personal level, with an thoughtful and insightful analysis of our own unique natures.

Once these two classes have completed, the student will functionally able to perform successful readings, for the self or others.

Advanced Tarot

The advanced class is designed to prepare the student to offer their skill as a Tarot reader professionally. In this class we will cover all related topics necessary to prepare your skill for a business application. These topics will include: attracting business, negotiating costs, managing difficult clients, etc.

Once all three classes have been completed, the student will have acquired confidence, competence and quite a lot of professional experience, fully prepared to work as a Professional Tarot Reader.

Tarot Classes Schedule

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Tarot Class: Beginning IN PERSON(10 weeks)
This is a tentative date. Please check back closer to event for exact date.
7-9pmThe Oracle Metaphysical Services
Maineville, Ohio