Animal Communication

Animal Communication refers to ‘telepathy’ with animals. Animals of nearly all species have the natural ability to communicate with one another through non-verbal means.

Without question, some of these means include gestures and perhaps even chemical or physiological signatures that are just a few minutes beyond the human ability to smell, sense or understand.

Many believe that animals use a form of ‘universal’ communication that transcends words or gestures and that humans can learn this universal language.

This may even include plants. This level of communication can include words, meanings (without words) and images. Some levels of this type of communication can even include the transfer of physical sensation, in the case of illness or emotional disruption.


Astrology is an ancient discipline that could be considered the ‘science’ of the metaphysical world. This technique examines the position and the movement of heavenly objects and their relationship to individuals.

These relationships could be referred to as metaphysical psychology. The position of the planets at the monment of a person’s birth is documented in a natal chart and can be interpreted to provide insight into that person’s innate personality traits and characteristics.

Astrology has been given a bad name by the use of generic horoscopes published widely. An expert astrologer may accumulate a lifetime worth of training and experience in order to be the best in their field. However, with an accurate natal chart, an individual may benefit greatly by researching astrology as it relates to them personally.


Clairvoyance is the ability to ‘see’ by means of psychic ability. This ability is used to view events, things or people that are hidden or at a great distance, this includes past events or future events.

There is no limit to distance or time. It is often used to locate missing persons or missing objects. This is a highly specialized skill that can be developed to extraordinary precision.

Another term associated with this ability is ‘scrying’. This term refers to the use of a crystal ball or scrying mirror to induce psychic vision.

Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation is an ancient technique that can reveal not only insight into the deepest levels of the human psyche, but can be used to acquire divine or universally inspired information.

It is both a means of exploring hidden aspects within an individual and a means of contacting or rather receiving information from the divine. In many cases dreams utilize ancient, personal and/or universal symbols that require interpretation.

Though there are books available on this topic, careful they tend to focus on universal symbolism, which is only a small part of the bigger picture. In order to fully understand and use this information, careful and thoughtful analysis needs to be undertaken.

Energy Clearing

Energy clearing is a form of healing that focuses on taking away or reducing accumulated negative energy. Similar in some regards to exorcism, it can be used for people, animals, objects and locations.

The ultimate goal is always to restore balance. This can be very useful in situations where there have been highly charged emotional disruptions, such as anger, violence, drug addiction, depression, despair and psychological problems.

Once emotional energy is discharged it tends to accumulate and energetic residue remains. When this residue accumulates, it perpetuates itself. This can be extremely harmful when the energy is negative.

Houses, objects and people can be cleared; however, it is often necessary to repeat this process and to remain vigilant in maintaining a cleared state. This technique can be learned easily and is useful and effective.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing refers to a method of healing that focuses on energetic structures within the body. This should be done only by trained professionals. There are a multitude of disciplines within this field, from nearly every culture within the world.

The healing practitioner seeks to affect energetic structures, which in turn, affect the physical body. This type of healing can be used to affect psychological problems as well.

Energy healing seeks to restore balance within the energy structures of the body. Caution should be exercised in the case of serious illness, as all healing practitioners are not equal.

Often this kind of healing is necessitated by religious convictions. Careful assessment of the illness, personal education and personal responsibility are critically important when exploring non-traditional, non-Western forms of medicine. This type of healing need not replace traditional forms and may often be used in conjunction with them.

A brief list of non-traditional forms of medicine include: reki, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy. Many of these disciplines are highly regarded, regulated and far more accepted in areas outside the U.S. than they are here.


Mediumship is a religious discipline that enables the living to communicate with the dead. It is controversial and should be approached with great care.

This ability requires advanced training and certification for obvious reasons. The medium serves as an intermediary and attempts to relay information from the deceased to the living and vise versa.

There are a limited number of reasons this should be undertaken, however, when there are valid reasons, seek only a trained professional. It is not appropriate to hold séances or to utilize a Ouija board for purposes of entertainment.

‘Mediatorship’ is the ability to communicate with the divine on the behalf of another. It too is a religious discipline that requires advanced training, but should not be confused with mediumship.


Numerology is a technique that examines the relationship of numbers to life events. It uses symbolism to understand hidden psychological patterns in an individual, as well as, universal principles.

There are many systems and uses of numerology. It’s most useful application is found in understanding hidden motivational factors that are synchronistic.

An example of this is the developmental process that all forms of life follow naturally, such as the progression of the seasons or the journey from childhood through adulthood and on to old age.

The basic principles are not particularly difficult to understand, but they can be difficult to apply, in a meaningful way. This technique refers to principle of ‘universal psychology’.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is the ability to access memories of previous lives through the medium of hypnosis. This is a process that requires training in the field of hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis refers to a level of consciousness that lies between the realms of sleep and the waking state. In this state there is a high level of vulnerability and suggestibility, a trained professional will be careful not to in traduce new ideas and will strive to work with existing memories.

However, with a minimal amount of training and exposure to this state of awareness, an individual can learn how to safely explore their own memories with a great degree of accuracy and more importantly, can learn to recognize the difference between true memory and fantasy. IIn theopry, it may be possible to remember and explore the future, as well as, the past.


Psychometry is the ability to extract information from the residues contained in objects. This talent often utilizes clairvoyance and is not limited by distance or time.

It is used primarily to examine past events, essentially the memories contained in objects. The object itself provides a link to that memory.

It is often useful in locating missing persons or in investigating crime scenes.


It can be used to explore the past, the present and the future. It is also possible to access detailed information allowing a greater depth of understanding into areas that are normally hidden, such as motivations for certain behaviors, intention or even health concerns.

Tarot is a symbolic language using visual images contained on a set of 78 cards that reveals information to the seeker. This technique is used to access information that is unknown or unavailable.


Is the technical term for ‘tea leaf’ reading. The technique consists of interpreting the patterns which result from the remains left in a tea cup.

Tasseography can also be performed interpreting the remains resulting from coffee grounds or even sediment from a glass of wine. Tasseography was most popular during the Victorian era, and is rarely used today.

However, the technique of interpreting random patterns as they may appear on a water stained wall or a cloud in the sky and which is very popular, has its origins in tasseography.