Shadow Work

What will YOU discover about yourself?

Come join us for this intensive 12-week class where you will learn techniques for discovering and integrating those hidden parts of yourself which are called Shadow.

Light creates shadow and both reside within.

In this class, students will engage in a strategic approach towards introspective investigation of this hidden teacher. Additionally, training in the arts of Lucid Dreaming, Dream Interpretation and some Meditation and Journaling Techniques will be offered.

This is the first of a two-part class, both of which are designed to restore personal power and promote conscious living. The second class, My Personal Myth, will be offered consecutively.

Our class will consist of 12 Lectures and interactive activities.

Tentative Schedule

Shadow Work ONLINE(12 weeks)
Shadow Work IN PERSON(12 weeks)
7pmThe Oracle Metaphysical Services
Maineville, Ohio
Shadow Work ONLINE(12 weeks)