Scrying/Clairvoyance Class

Learn the Art of Scrying

Scrying is a form of clairvoyance, an ancient psychic art, which requires training, skill and practice. Scrying is not as popular as it once was, precisely because it is a difficult skill to master and is considered an advanced psychic skill. In this 8 week class, students will be trained in various modalities of scrying including the use of Crystal Balls, Scrying Mirrors, Water Gazing and others. This is a beginner level class.

Scrying Class ONLINE8 Weeks
7-9 pmONLINE


This is an advanced class focusing on personal clairvoyant development. It is necessary to take the previous class Learn the Art of Scrying, in which the student is introduced to clairvoyance and begins their development. This second 8 week class gives the student an opportunity to further develop their budding skill. This is the advanced level class.

Clairvoyance8 Weeks