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Reverend Krista Hanson

With over 40 years professional experience, Krista is an internationally known psychic, having worked as a teacher, lecturer, consultant and psychic in several European countries. Appearing on numerous radio and television interviews, she is known locally in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Lexington and Ft. Lauderdale. Her levels of experience and accuracy have enabled her to assist the police in five states including: Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida; focusing primarily on the finding of missing persons, she has also assisted on active criminal investigations including rape and murder.

Krista’s psychic abilities include: Tarot, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Numerology, Astrology, Tasseography, Animal Communication and Mediumship. In addition, she is available for telephone readings, private parties and corporate events and she offers lectures and presentations on a variety of topics.

Having studied at The University of Cincinnati and at John Cabbot University in Rome, Italy, Krista has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Civilization and in Archaeology. Her primary focus has been on early Christian and Pre-Christian religious philosophy. Her religious training includes a variety of disciplines, such as: Traditional Western, Eastern and pagan religious philosophies.

Krista is the owner of a full-service metaphysical gift shop in Maineville, Ohio offering psychic readings, classes, lectures, book signings, drum circles, Meetups and other services. The shop is designed to cater to the next level seeker. The Oracle Metaphysical Services honors all religious faiths and philosophies and will strive to support this community’s varied spiritual needs.

An ordained Spiritualist Minister, she is also licensed to perform Wedding Ceremonies & Funerals, both traditional and non-traditional.

As always her focus is always on Personal Empowerment & Soul Level Development