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In review of taking the Tarot Series, I have only positive things to say! Krista is a phenomenal instructor. She is well spoken, a great leader, and enchanting with her wisdom. I have learned more about myself in dimensions other than the physical realm because of this course. I not only understand each card’s meaning, I am able to actively use the information that was taught in this course throughout my daily life. The entire experience was enlightening, I enjoyed every moment. I cannot speak highly enough about the instructor, the course and the store. Do try it for yourself, you won’t have a single regret.

Anna C. / Class of 2022

With a guiding hand and no-nonsense attitude, Krista taught us how to interpret tarot’s symbolism, how to relate tarot to other esoteric subjects, and how to apply the cards to our daily lives. After completing Krista’s course and coming to understand the card meanings instead of memorizing them, I can confidently read any deck placed in front of me. I would highly recommend this class series to anyone who has tried to self-study tarot, but felt like they’re still “missing something.” This class will teach you how to accurately read tarot and how to relay the information in a professional and compassionate manner.

Brittany U. / Class of 2021