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Shadow Work Class

Krista Hanson expertly blends neuroscience findings and spiritual insights into transformative techniques accessible for daily practice. In just 12 weeks, I gained profound awareness of various aspects of my life and my role within them. Through topics like visualization, the art of release, and understanding the inner child, I reclaimed lost pieces of myself and integrated them into the person I am today.

Leena B. / Shadow Work Class of 2023

The Shadow Work Class that I took with Krista provided me with helpful tools for accessing and communicating with my non-conscious mind. I learned techniques for working with beliefs that were stored both verbally and non-verbally. Working in a class with other students reinforced my practice and helped to broaden my understanding beyond what I might have learned through independent study.

Sarah E. / Shadow Work Class of 2023

Reverend Krista Hanson’s Tarot Class and Shadow Work Class at The Oracle Metaphysical Services was nothing short of profound. Her approach to teaching is both gentle and insightful, encouraging personal growth and understanding through the Tarot. Each class was beautifully constructed to blend the theoretical with the practical, allowing for personal exploration and development. Krista’s deep understanding of Shadow Work combined with her mastery of Tarot, provided unique insights and fostered an environment of genuine transformation. This class is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to deepen their self awareness and their Tarot practice.

Seth S. / Shadow Work Class of 2023
Tarot Class of 2023

It has been a year since I attended Krista’s Shadow Work Class. I still recommend the class to anyone interested. It demystified ‘Shadow Work.” I have a much better understanding of what is meant by it, and I no longer shy away from the subject. After taking the class, I think about my dreams differently. I think about myself differently. I see myself differently. It lead to a significant amount of internal processing on a host of internal concepts. I believe the larger processing this class catalyzed enabled a slightly different version of myself to emerge. I have new resources, meaning new ways to understand myself. I have a broader base to operate from. A more grounded root in some aspects of myself. And I think that has helped me relax and gain confidence in my interactions with people around me. I have shifted some, from searching for the next thing to come so I can react to it, to being a bit more forward thinking with others.

Scott R. / Shadow Work Class of 2022

I recently participated in the Shadow Work Class taught by Krista Hanson. It was awesome. Can’t say enough good about the class. The Shadow Work made me laugh, cry, reconsider and then think again. Five stars. Great teacher and awesome class. I highly recommend this class.

Gail G. / Shadow Work Class of 2022

Neurographics Art Class

The Neurographic Art Class with Krista helped me, a non-artist, develop a way to reorganize limiting beliefs and fear responses. It is a useful tool to help change the way my brain had stored old traumas and assumptions, helping to reduce the stressful mental “looping” that had kept much of my energy and my thoughts caught in the past. Unlike affirmation work and other verbal processes for establishing new patterns, this provides a way to redirect the more instinctive feelings and reactions that are stored on a non-verbal level. I feel that it is helping me to be more effective with expanding into new possibilities in my life.

Sarah E / Neurographics Art Class of 2023

Tarot Class

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the tarot class. Krista prompted engaging student discussions, making the learning process interactive and enriching. The exercises prescribed were not only useful but also captivating, preparing me to read cards confidently for both myself and others. Additionally, the flexibility of class times, which were conducive to a typical 9-5 schedule, was greatly appreciated. The instructor’s willingness to repeat content ensured that everyone could grasp the material effectively. Overall, I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in delving into the fascinating world of tarot.

Drake P. / Tarot Class of 2022

In review of taking the Tarot Series, I have only positive things to say! Krista is a phenomenal instructor. She is well spoken, a great leader, and enchanting with her wisdom. I have learned more about myself in dimensions other than the physical realm because of this course. I not only understand each card’s meaning, I am able to actively use the information that was taught in this course throughout my daily life. The entire experience was enlightening, I enjoyed every moment. I cannot speak highly enough about the instructor, the course and the store. Do try it for yourself, you won’t have a single regret.

Anna C. / Tarot Class of 2022

With a guiding hand and no-nonsense attitude, Krista taught us how to interpret tarot’s symbolism, how to relate tarot to other esoteric subjects, and how to apply the cards to our daily lives. After completing Krista’s course and coming to understand the card meanings instead of memorizing them, I can confidently read any deck placed in front of me. I would highly recommend this class series to anyone who has tried to self-study tarot, but felt like they’re still “missing something.” This class will teach you how to accurately read tarot and how to relay the information in a professional and compassionate manner.

Brittany U. / Tarot Class of 2021

I have taken the Tarot Class with Krista, this class is amazing and so in depth to the understanding of tarot. I have also taken her Scrying Class and I am so amazed at the results I get when using my crafts look for assistance withy life’s journey. These classes have given me a different perspective how to navigate through life with a soul purpose. I am so thrilled and looking forward to continuing this journey and exploring these gifts further.

Sarah S. / Tarot Class of 2020
Scrying Class of 2021

I completed all three levels of Tarot Classes with Krista and highly recommend these classes to anyone curious about Tarot. You will learn Tarot but you will also go on a journey of expansion and self discovery. Krista is an enthusiastic teacher willing to share her great wisdom and insight with all her students.

Maria H. / Tarot Class of 2015

I have known Krista and The Oracle Metaphysical Store since 2015. There are so many amazing courses as well as beautiful treasures that are found at this very special place. Krista ids a patience and knowledgeable teacher. You can feel the positive energy when you are here, as I always have. There have been many courses that I have taken with her, from beginning to advanced levels. Each time, each course, I feel that I learn more in a wonderful environment with an excellent Professor. If you have any metaphysical interest – from curiosity to master level, you can count on The Oracle in Maineville, Ohio and Krista to guide you in a positive, welcoming direction.

Claudia C. / Tarot Class of 2015