Consulting the Oracle John William Waterhouse 1884

The Oracle Metaphysical Services is located in downtown, historic Maineville, Ohio. Just 30 minutes north of Cincinnati and 30 minutes south of Dayton, our shop resides in a lovely rural community that is both modern and old fashioned, surrounded with beautiful natural landscapes. The drive in alone is quite the refreshing treat!

We are a full service Metaphysical Gift Shop, offering psychic readings, classes, lectures, meetups, drum circles and other services.

We cater to the next level seeker.

The Oracle Metaphysical Services

The Oracle Metaphysical Services

honors all religious faiths and philosophies
and strives to support this community’s varied spiritual needs.
In our gift shop you will find books, music, art, jewelry, clothing,

herbs, teas and all manner of other goodies to lift the spirits,
inspiring and enriching your personal connection to Diety.

As always our focus is always on Personal Empowerment &
Soul Level Development.